Since 2010 two friends Kyle Reynolds and Allan Langdon, have been riding and exploring Jamaica. Irie Moto Tours was born from a shared passion for adventure and a mutual love for the vibrant Jamaican culture. They believed that experiencing Jamaica on a motorcycle was too special not to share with both local and foreign adventurers.  Since then, they have guided riders from around the world to some of the most beautiful places in Jamaica. With sixty cumulative years of knowledge and experience between them, they created motorcycle tours that offer something for everyone regardless of their riding experience. It doesn’t matter what skill level you are; there is something for everyone.  So, if you want to go off the beaten path, ride the back roads and see Jamaica, get to know our culture, or meet new people, then you made the right choice by choosing Irie Moto Tours.


    Jamaica, land of wood and water, is home to endless remote mountain trails, open dirt roads, and coastal tracks. Sometimes there are asphalted streets, gravel roads, grassy fields, and dirt roads on our off-road adventures, but after years of exploring, we learned that some of the worst roads lead to the most beautiful places. For our tours, it’s OK if you are not an off-road expert.  Just remember that the condition of the trails and tracks varies with each Tour and geographical changes due to weather are not uncommon. But the backroads are what we live for because you will discover our mountains, rivers, waterfalls, villages, towns, and beaches. Sometimes you will leave your comfort zone, find your courage, and face the challenge, but you will never be bored.


    Riding is life and life should be lived to the fullest.


    Vision Statement

    Build Jamaica’s best motorcycle tour product so locals and guests alike can experience the joy of seeing the breath-taking natural beauty of Jamaica, meet our colourful locals, and get to know the culture through our history, food, and music.


    Mission Statement

    Nurture the spirit of excitement and adventure once rider at a time.


    Customer Commitment

    As a Jamaican based business, we constantly strive to provide quality services, in a cost-effective manner and we will continue to refine our offerings to meet our customers needs.